Sometimes it feels like airports are the place where manners go to die. With herds of people roaming through the departure and arrival halls and staff trying to manage all these travelers in the right direction, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes this can bring up some frustration and annoyance, but try to not lose your temper! Here are 9 commandments for airport travel to stick to, to keep peace of mind.

Don’t Claim the armrests from the start

Do Share them!

3 people, 6 arms, but only 4 armrests. This means you will have to share. Just try to rotate and switch a bit, but for the most part, just grant it to the middle seater. They are in a far worse position than a window or aisle and don’t have that much space to stretch their legs or put their head against. Even though they sometimes choose the seat themselves, be nice!

Don’t Just recline your seat

Do Check with the person behind you

Even though your seat has the function of being put in a more comfortable position, this doesn’t mean you should use it for your whole flight. Basic etiquette is that you recline when necessary, and if you do so, just check with the person behind you. You don’t want to be the person spilling a glass of wine on your neighbor…

Don’t Bring stinky foods

Do Take into account your neighbor’s ability to smell

Your neighbor’s tuna sandwich, leftover onion rings, or Mcdonald’s order is probably not what you want to smell on your 7AM flight. Be aware of your surroundings, or actually the whole plane, because this odor spreads! You are already in a confined place, and please don’t be the person who fills this space with stinky foods. …

Don’t Skip lines

Do Honor the queue

We get it. You must be somewhere, the line is long, and you just want to move forward. Don’t be rude, however. Please don’t be the person jumping the queue or skipping the line. Your time is just as precious as everybody else’s. Try to do something useful while waiting! If you really can’t handle the line, just get a priority or business class ticket. But at the end of the day, everyone arrives at the same time, regardless of who boards first.

Don’t Misuse the travellators

Do Stand on the right, walk on the left

Travellators can bridge distance conveniently in an airport because they can be BIG. However, try to use them in a convenient way. Meaning standing on the right side to let people through who are in a hurry. If you have to ask a dozen people to move, you’re probably faster rushing up the stairs…

Don’t Stand up immediately

Do Wait for your turn

Understandably, you want to stretch your legs after a long flight or just really want to get up, but the plane doors will not open any faster if you do so. They are still closed, and nobody is going anywhere. So, calm down and stay seated. You can get up and walk out when it’s your row’s turn.

Don’t Walk around like a headless chicken

Do Sense your surroundings!

One of the most annoying things about having someone sit next to you on a plane might be someone talking to you when you don’t want to talk. When you’re a chatterbox, and the person is wearing earphones, just don’t try to start an endless conversation. Especially when this person is not even taking out an ear to listen. Understand the hints! Your neighbor is probably just trying to enjoy a quiet flight.

Don’t Neglect personal cleanliness.

Do Try to take care of your hygiene

Sometimes this is something you cannot help yourself, but the least you can do is take care of your personal hygiene before entering a plane. Taking a shower beforehand at home or freshening up in the airport bathroom can do wonders. Being smelly is not only annoying for your surroundings but also for you. If you’re aware of this, at least…

Don’t Be rude to staff

Do Respect the crew and employees

This is not a should, but a must! The crew and ground staff are there to help. They all want the process of you entering the airport to you taking off to be as smooth as possible, even though they have some strict rules to take into account. So when something doesn’t go the way you like, just address this in a polite manner and certainly don’t yell. You don’t want to be kicked out, do you?

Be prepared!

Overall, prepare yourself for your journey. You will make your trip much more manageable by familiarizing yourself with the company, its etiquettes (now you probably know a few), and its rules. Take note of these 9 tips, and next time you will venture through the airport confident and composed.

Plan your next trip and find out whether you can keep peace of mind!

StaffTraveler for web