Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. In the northern hemisphere. All the leaves are changing colors and the weather begins to cool down! But there are some awesome parts of the world to check out at this time.

Here let’s cover 5 autumn locations I’m in love with!

Bali, Indonesia

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Stay with me! I know it doesn’t scream autumn, but early autumn is the time of year to go! September and October are the country’s dry seasons and this island has many unique experiences! Explore the culture and take a cooking class or even go white water rafting!

So, Bali is a well-known destination but, for most, it will require a stopover! A few good connection cities would be Bangkok (DMK), Hong Kong (HKG), Kuala Lumpur (KUL), or Singapore (SIN). These are some examples but you can easily find some other options with our How to staff travel post!

One of the things that make this destination so attractive is the price. Bali is famously a very affordable travel destination. Some of the coolest things here are the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Just be careful that the monkeys don’t steal anything from you!

For the foodie, there is Merah Putih. This Restaurant is praised for its amazing menu and a great selection of classic and contemporary Indonesian dishes! Although, personally, I prefer heading out and eating some street food!

A stunning shot of a cliff and beach in Bali!

Berlin, Germany

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Off of a tropical destination, autumn is a perfect time to travel to Berlin! This wonderful city offers many museums, parks, and shopping for any traveler!

Thankfully, autumn is the travel low season for Berlin making getting into some of the more coveted attractions very accessible. This is the case for tours of the Reichstag where, in their high season, requires a booking two months in advance!

For non-revs, this travel lull really helps us out! There are ample flights from Amsterdam (AMS),  Paris (CDG and ORY), Frankfurt (FRA), and London (LHR and LGW)!

For those who go to Berlin early in autumn, an amazing experience is Oktoberfest. It isn’t unique to Munich and Berlin throws a great Oktoberfest! This event goes on from late September to early October and is a great experience for those who like beer.

For our travelers going in late autumn, one great experience are the world-renowned Christmas markets in Berlin! One great example of one is Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt. This market is known for its handmade crafts, art, music, and food. They’re a great place to pick up some novel presents for Christmas!

New York City, The United States

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There is very little reason to avoid New York City during this time of the year! Here the city takes on a completely different life as the leaves and people change!

NYC has 3 primary modes of entry being LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK), and Newark International (EWR). In total, there over 1,700 daily arrivals to those three airports. There’s a good chance that your airline flies to this city!

I’ve covered NYC in our The USA: 5 Unique and Amazing Destinations, but there’s always something in this city! Particularly in autumn, a picnic in Central Park becomes an amazing opportunity to see how gorgeous the city can become!

If you’re looking to be more immersed with nature, renting a car and heading apple picking might be for you! This orchard is in New Paltz, New York which is a beautiful small town with fun shops and some great craft breweries! One of the more notable ones is the Angry Orchard! This place is easily the most famous cider across the USA!

Montreal, Canada

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An autumn shot of the Jacques Cartier Bridge Pont Jacques-Cartier in Montreal

Autumn is the best time of the year to have a getaway to Montreal. This is the only time of the year that the temperature isn’t absolutely freezing or hot and humid!

Getting to Montreal might be a little tricky, but nothing that the non-rev can’t handle! There are quite a few nonstops between Paris (CDG and ORY), New York City (EWRJFK, and LGA), and Toronto (YYZ and YTZ). Probably will require a connection but you can verify your options on the StaffTraveler App!

Now Montreal is a city of some amazing views, great food, and a vibrant culture! This city quite firmly holds onto its French roots and it shows! It is the second largest city of French speaknig people, after Paris! I’ve got to cite my source on such a mind-boggling fact! One great thing about this is that the importance of parks and public spaces persisted. There are many parks to loungue and walk around which makes the space in autumn gorgeous!

There is a dish here that no foodie can miss: Poutine. For those who don’t know, Poutine is essentially french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. The perfect snack to accompany a cold beer!

Reykjavík, Iceland

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This is a classic example of saving the best for last. Autumn in Reykjavík provides a lot that the other locations on this list do, but there’s one unique difference. A trip to Reykjavík in autumn allows you to see the aurora borealis!

So, let’s quickly cover our logistics! Reykjavík (KEF) is the capital of Iceland as well as the hub for Icelandair which has great connectivity with Europe and North America. Aside from Icelandair, there are a few airlines that fly to Reykjavík but I’d highly recommend checking out your options on the StaffTraveler app!

You have to experience the aurora borealis for yourself. And if you’re planning to come in autumn there’s no reason not to! The best way to find an opportunity is to work with an experienced guide to find the lights. A good place to browse a bunch of services can be found on Extreme Iceland. They also list quite a few other activities such as organized snorkeling, hiking, and snowmobiling!

Another unique experience to have in Reykjavík is the geothermal spas there! These are naturally warmed swimming pools that, in the case of Blue Lagoon, are heated using nearby lava! Although, it is wise to plan in advance for this since Blue Lagoon and other geothermal spas tend to be booked days or weeks in advance! These spas are something that cannot be missed on your autumn trip to Reykjavík.

An awesome shot of the Northern Lights as they're seen in Iceland!

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