We live in an era of technology and increasing connectivity which can really make your life easier! But with such a complex world we live in it’s always good to touch base and share some solutions for the classic non-rev problems. Below I’ll share some of the things I can’t non-rev without!

Know your loads

StaffTraveler App

How can this one go unmentioned? This app has literally changed the game for me and my travels. When I started, I had no idea about flying “Zed” through “MyIDTravel” and when I learned I was too afraid to go anywhere with no idea how the loads were. What this app gives is the information necessary to plan your perfect standby trip. For all the trips to destinations that my airline doesn’t fly to, the StaffTraveler app is the backbone of my planning! This app changed how flying standby works for me and it should be part of your life too!

With the inclusion of solid hotel and rental car deals, it’s a great one-stop-shop for all things non-rev!

Download the StaffTraveler App!

Stay exactly as you like

Airbnb App

If you want to sleep in a bubble or in an actual igloo then this is the app for you! Everyone knows Airbnb as one of the major companies of the decade that are completely challenging the way that lodging was traditionally done! Even for those not looking for something as unique, it’s entirely possible and typical to find accommodations for much cheaper than their hotel counterparts! Whenever I am comparing my lodging options I always stay (or at least reference) Airbnb in order to ensure that I’m staying in the most convenient and affordable location for my travels! We just did a post on 7 of the most beautiful Airbnbs in the world and we highlighted some of our favorites!

Download the Airbnb App!

Call a ride from your phone

Rideshare Apps

Rideshare apps (such as Uber, Lyft, Grab, etc) are crucial on my trips! These services have been under scrutiny lately and for good reason, but there are two major reasons that I cannot replace these services yet:

  1. Transparency – On a few trips I’ve taken so far, I’ve been scammed where the fare was an arbitrary number given to me at my destination.
  2. Language Barriers – Sometimes I’ve found it difficult for me to effectively communicate my destination to my driver and the convenience of being able to find it on Google maps and call someone to come by has been a major help!

You can check this site to see what rideshare services are available at your destination.

Self improvement


A bit cliche, but I cannot travel without my books. In the majority of my flights I like to have a book ready for my flights. I love books because they can make you laugh, cry, teach valuable skills, or even give you inspiration for your next non-rev adventure! Typically when I travel, I like to bring an issue of a travel magazine and a copy of what my book club is reading!

Just to let you know, I saw an intern reading a textbook and that’s fair game too!

Quality Music


Although most flights provide headphones, I can’t say I’m satisfied with their quality. Whenever I travel I try to have a pair of headphones handy for the inflight entertainment and to listen to music on my phone. Without listening to music I’m incapable of falling asleep making it a much-needed travel item!

Personally, my go-to music platform is Spotify although there are so many alternatives out there! The important thing is to have your playlists and music set up and ready to go!


Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone

This one is a little obvious, but how were you going to use most of the items above without these? When I’m travelling I always have my phone on me to take the next photo, make the next edit, and to make sure that I’m documenting the trip I’m on! Typically on a domestic flight in the USA, my phone and tablet are the only way that I can use any of the in flight entertainment. This makes it vital for my trip for when I’m not reading or sleeping. Additionally, my laptop enables me to catch up in the office and write. I simply can’t live without all my tech!

Now you know what I travel with, why not pack a bag and go somewhere? Why not go for a quick day trip to Barcelona?

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