The original StaffTraveler app was built in between flights, with a budget of 0 dollars. We dreamt of a far future in which we might have 1.000 members. Two weeks into the first BETA, we were thrilled to see we had already reached that first milestone.

This month, 134.000 members later, we launched the brand new StaffTraveler app. It has been built from the ground up by professional developers, which was necessary to prepare the app for the next 100.000 members and beyond. Also, we built a strong foundation for upcoming features.

In this post, we would like to share our dreams for the future of StaffTraveler.

Keep reading for information about the web version, invite friends feature and more

If you are a user of the old StaffTraveler app, you might have wondered why you needed to create a new account after installing the new app. The reason for that is that we literally started over from scratch and built a new, fast and reliable infrastructure that required a different, more robust data structure. Of course, we didn’t want you to lose your credits, so we’ve built a migration script that automatically transfers your credits when you create an account with the same email address (or any social media account associated to it). We understand that this might have felt like a turn-off at first, but it was all for a good reason.

With the new platform, we’ve laid the building blocks for a bright future with loads of improvements and new features. Some of them are already there, like the possibility to receive instant push notifications when a new request for your airline is posted. While this is one of the most requested features, it turns out to have a downside too. Most load requests are now being answered so quickly, that they might be gone by the time you’ve opened the app after receiving a notification. We are obviously pleased with these quick response rates, but we do understand that it can be frustrating if requests are being answered before you can open them. This is on our radar, and we will improve this.

Speaking of earning credits… Many members asked us where they can invite their friends to get 2 credits, like before. This feature is high on our list and will be added back soon. It just needs some more work.

In the meanwhile, you can earn some credits by adding your favourite places on the Tips tab, also a much-requested feature. We are thrilled with the many great tips that have been added so far. They really help to get the most out of your trips! We think that adding tips works quite well, but browsing them needs some improvement.

The same goes for searching hotels. These days, we’re spoiled with beautiful hotel search engines. They don’t give you exclusive StaffTraveler discounts though, so we’ll have to bring the two together and improve the hotel search feature to provide you with the smoothest possible hotel booking experience.

Back to where it all started… flight loads! We think our team has done a great job in creating an excellent flight search engine. Searching for indirect flights makes it even easier to plan your trips using StaffTraveler. We know that these searches are slow sometimes. That delay is entirely at our flight data provider, and we hope they’ll improve on this soon.

New app screenshots
Screenshots of the new StaffTraveler app

Lots of members loved the web version of StaffTraveler, and so did we. It’s the most convenient way to respond to other member’s load requests. Although response rates have not suffered from the absence of the web version, we do want to get it back for the heroes who provide loads to help our their colleagues around the world. And we will! It just takes some time to develop.

On the background, improvements are being made every day. For example, last week we’ve made the app up to 3 x faster by optimising our backend services.

In summary

  • Fair chance to answer requests for everyone
  • Invite friends
  • Improved tips search
  • Improved hotels search
  • Speed up indirect flights search
  • Web version

And also we would like to add

  • Live flight status
  • Recently searched routes
  • Numbers of members per airline
  • Suggest flights / destinations
  • Private chat
  • And more… Much more!

Developing an app that is used by over 100.000 users is difficult. It takes time and money. Lots of both. Sometimes, things go wrong. Sometimes, members get disappointed because their beloved feature isn’t there yet. We’ll try to fix all of that asap. You can help by telling your friends about the app and rewarding the hard work of our developers with a good rating the in Apple App Store / Google Play Store. And if you’re not happy with the app yet, or would like to see something added that we haven’t talked about in this post, please let us know!

We loved our mascotte the Happy Suitcase so much that we’ve made beautiful stickers with it! Want to own some StaffTraveler swag? You can now order them from our store.