The Bombardier CS/Airbus A220 is a brand new aircraft that is taking the airline industry by storm. For an aircraft of its size, it packs some impressive features designed to make any flier feel comfortable. It’s a fuel-saving jet that doesn’t carry many passengers, but it flies far and it is one of the best new planes in years. I recently flew one for the first time and I absolutely loved the ride. Here’s why your next flight should be on this plane!

Currently, the only US airline to operate the jet is Delta with 26 currently in service and more than 60 joining the fleet in the coming years. The next US carrier to operate it will be Jetblue, as they have 70 on order.

My friend and I flew one between San Jose CA and Salt Lake City. It was a short flight, but a smooth one. We lucked out and managed to get first class on it, which was fun! We were onboard an A220-100, this variant seats 109 passengers.

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Things You’ll Notice Before You Board

Seeing the plane approach the gate, you’ll notice just two things.

  1. The plane is small. It’s a medium-range jet and it’s smaller than a Boeing 737 but larger than a regional jet, such as an Embraer.
  2. The engines! Such a small plane has such incredible power. These engines are large but don’t be fooled. It’s such a quiet jet.

Things You’ll Notice When You Board

Once you board the aircraft, you’ll instantly notice some impressive features

  1. The first thing you’ll notice is how bright and airy the plane feels. The windows are larger compared to some planes and the aircraft is well ventilated, which helps create a more comfortable environment.
  2. Walking in the Economy section, you’ll notice that there aren’t many middle seats. The plane is configured as 2×3 in the economy section, which means fewer chances for getting a dreaded middle seat.
  3. Larger overhead space. More space for more bags which makes the boarding process faster and easier.

Things You’ll Notice In Flight

After getting comfortable, it’s time to take off! Here are some of the things you’ll notice from taxiing to reaching 10,000 feet.

  1. You’ve seen the large engines, but you don’t really hear them. Taking off in this jet is a breeze. The powerful engines are exclusively powered by Pratt and Whitney. Take off literally blew me away because of how quiet and smooth it was.
  2. It won’t be harder to see out the window, as the windows on the A220 are larger, giving you a better view of the world around.


Other features this jet has to offer. One of the most exciting and cool perks of this plane lies in the bathroom in the rear of the plane. Located on the left (or right if you’re walking to the back), is the restroom, but it has a window! Probably one of the most scenic restrooms you’ll ever walk in. Once we boarded, I put my backpack down and went straight to the back. The flight attendant knew exactly where I was going and we both laughed about it.

LED ambient lighting and ultra-fast Wi-Fi is also a major plus. The seats also have seatback entertainment screens with hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, the screens were not working on our flight, but it was a short journey so I didn’t pay any mind.
The A220 is a definite game-changer to the aviation industry. I’ll never forget my first ride and I believe everyone should take a flight on this plane at least once, whether you’re an avgeek or a first-time flier.

The Airbus A220 is an exciting aircraft presenting a new range of possibilities for this era of aviation! Check loads on airBaltic, Delta, or Swiss International Air Lines to get on one today!

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