After our list of the 10 most popular female Flight Attendants of Instagram, here is your definitive guide of the 9 most popular male flight attendants!

What are your favourite Flight attendants on Instagram? Let us know!

Lucas Manente


Lucas is based in Dubai working for Emirates, he is not only a famous Instagrammer but also has a very successful Youtube channel!


Stefan Kreuz


Posting photo’s from all over the world Stefan is employed by Thomas Cook in Germany, check out the awesome places he has visited.

Jay rob


No need to introduce this guy, Jay is probably one of the most famous male flight attendants on the planet. Flying for Emirates and visiting the world, while having a massive online following!

Also, check out his Facebook page!

Working in the skies and working out in the Gym, Juan shows that working as cabin crew and fitness can go hand in hand!



Flying from beautiful Thailand and representing their national carrier while seeing the world.

Dr. Sun


Flying for German Low-Cost Carrier Eurowings, Dive Master Padi and avid Crossfitter. Dr. Sun makes plenty of time for work and play.



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