Bali is a small island on the Indonesian Archipelago and it’s famous! Known for being a cultural center, gorgeous beaches, and phenomenal landscapes, Bali is a super island catering something for everyone!

How to non-rev to Bali

Bali has one major airport of entry and that is in the island’s capital, Denpasar. Denpasar (DPS) is the only international airport on the island and is serviced by most Asian Carriers and among them is Indonesia’s flagship carrier Garuda Indonesia. Getting to Bali would be easiest through Jakarta or through Hong Kong but you can always check out all your options on the StaffTraveler app!

Bangkok Thai Airways & Malindo Air
Brisbane Malindo Air & Virgin Australia
Jakarta Garuda Indonesia, Air Indonesia, Citilink Indonesia, Indonesia AirAsia & Sriwijaya Air
Doha Qatar Airways
Dubai Emirates
Hong Kong Cathay Pacific
Jakarta Garuda Indonesia, Hong Kong Airlines, Air Indonesia & Citilink Indonesia
Istanbul Turkish Airlines
Melbourne Garuda Indonesia & Indonesia AirAsia
Singapore Jetstar Asia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Silkair, Indonesia AirAsia, Singapore Airlines, Scoot & Indonesia AirAsia
Sydney Garuda Indonesia, Aeroflot, Garuda Indonesia  & Malindo Air
Tokyo Garuda Indonesia

When should I go to Bali?

Bali has a very tropical climate, meaning that it’s hot all year round. It’s located very close to the equator so it may be best to pack lightly! It is usually around 23C (73F) at night and 30C(85F) during the day making it a very nice place to be outside.

In addition, Bali cycles through a dry and wet season. During the wet season, you can expect rain in the morning and afternoons with the sun poking through during the day. This season begins in November and ends in March. April marks the beginning of the dry season where the sun can be brutal. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

Transportation in Bali

Bali is a fairly easy island to get around although we only have 24 hours! With that in mind, we should look for some travel solutions which can come by quickly and take us where you’re going quickly. My recommendation is to rent a scooter or moped. Having a scooter or moped gives you the liberty to get up and go at your own time letting you save some time. Even better, if you’re confident, you can take the scooter in and out of cars which is a massive advantage especially when traffic hits.

Speaking of traffic, Bali’s road infrastructure isn’t very well equipped for the number of vehicles on the road during rush hour (typically after 2 PM to 6 PM or even later on the weekends!) but there are other transportation solutions! There are metered taxis who may try to rip you off, so be wary. And another option is taking a Grab. Grab is convenient since it allows you to know the fare long before you get in the vehicle.

Accommodations in Bali

We don’t have much time! 24 hours is not enough time to see all this beautiful island has to offer. With that in mind, getting a hotel, Airbnb, or hostel in either Denpasar or Seminyak would be best. And even better, these areas are close to many of the attractions that we’ll be referencing below.

Another thing is that accommodations in Bali are very affordable! You can frequently find lovely accommodations for $40 USD or even less a night. With that in mind, why not splurge a little bit and get yourself a nice condo or hut?

So where do I start?

So once you land you’ll have to go through security and, if you’re traveling from outside Indonesia, you’ll have to go through immigration. It doesn’t take too long to get through and (hopefully) the lines won’t be too bad! Once you get out of the airport, head over and call yourself a taxi or a Grab to your acommodation. Now we’re ready to start the day.

A good way to spend the morning is on the beach but first things first, let’s get some food in us! Bali is known for many dishes and among the best breakfasts are a fruit bowl filled with mango, papaya, dragonfruit, bananas, pineapple, and others! This is a great way to get a nutritious meal in your system early for some energy and is plain delicious! I’d recommend stopping at the first cafe that catches your eye and, preferably has a nice view!

Now that we’ve got that meal, we should head to a beach! There are two pretty gorgeous and famous beach areas. The first is a really nice beach club in Seminyak called Potato Head Beach Club. This club has a pool, cabanas, lounge chairs, and beach chairs all available. This is a great spot to soak in the sun, relax, have a few drinks and play in the sand. The cocktails offered here are delicious and modestly priced. Potato Head is a great way to spend some quality beach time in Bali!

Another great option for some beach time in Bali is the Double Six Beach. This is another beach club with great drinks and an amazing view. This beach is a bit larger than Potato Head’s and has many of the same amenities but both are very luxurious! After a few drinks, it’s a great time to walk around and go shopping.

The Seminyak and Denpasar areas are great to walk around and admire the crafts and art made by the local people. The skills of the island’s people include creating ceramics, wood carvings, paintings, and even statues! Among my favorite is looking at the stumps that are carved to resemble a world map! The creativity the Balinese people have is truly amazing!

Now we’ve hopefully walked off our buzz and maybe even bought a few things for mom! At this point, it may be a good idea to attempt to pick up a scooter, if you intend on renting one. In the area, there are many companies that are willing to rent a scooter out. My recommendation is to ask a Balinese person if they know of someone in the area who rents scooters. They’re typically very affordable and the utility you get out of them makes every dollar worth it!

With your new-found scooter, it’s a great time to grab some lunch! Luckily here, there is no shortage of places to go! In Seminyak, there’s a famous vegan cafe called Kynd Community. They’re a local insta-famous location known for their gorgeous backdrops and props that ensure that you’ll have beautiful pictures of yourself and your meal! Each of their items is delicious although I do recommend their salads.

A good place for authentic Balinese food in the area is Warung Nia. This restaurant is pretty famous for it’s Babi Goling which is an awesome roasted pork dish with a variety of sides. Babi Golin and Nasi Goreng are both equally famous although the Babi Goling is so much tastier!

From here the island is yours! This post lunchtime is a great time to be indoors or relaxing since this is when the island’s sun is the most brutal. A few options at this time would be to check out some great Balinese artwork at the often overlooked Nyaman Gallery. This gallery houses contemporary art made by Balinese artists and has a great collection made by the island’s great artists!

Additionally, there’s yoga for the yogi. It’s no secret at all that Bali is an island famous for yoga retreats and for classes. Everyone knows a friend who’s into yoga and had some of their training in Bali so why not see what all the hype is about! Within the Seminyak area, there are many yoga studios and they are all led by well-qualified instructors but one that is held to high esteem is Seminyak Yoga Shala. This yoga studio is known to fill up so if you’re able to get a spot here then you definitely should!

Finally, another great option is to have a massage. Massage parlors are in Seminyak and all over the island and are very affordable! From my trip, I’ve regularly paid $20 USD to have a full one hour massage which is a great price with the service you are getting. There is also a wide variety of services that they offer and it’s well worth to check them out!

After your evening activity, it’s a good time to go out! Seminyak is known for its dance clubs along with bumping party scene! For the foodie, it may be worth to skip the party and try your hand at getting a reservation at one of the best restaurants in Seminyak called Bambu. This restaurant is a gem and serves modern Balinese food to everyone who comes through the door. It is a MUST to stop here and sample some of their food if you can!

Otherwise, there is no shortage of nightclubs in Bali. Each with its own music, vibe, and style. It’s very easy to find one that plays the music you’re into!

Heading Back

Going standby out of Bali isn’t too difficult but in the morning you’ll be happy that you’ve stayed close to the airport! From my experience, the DPS airport is fairly simple to go through and pretty efficient. All of our tips in our how to staff travel guide apply here so it’s a great idea to check that article out!

But, Bali is an island of endless exploration. What’s best about this 24 hour trip to Bali is that it helps you understand what you want to experience on your next visit. With the mountains and cultural experiences to the north, the rice patties in the center and some of the snorkeling experiences on Nusa Penida, this island is truly a gem in the pacific.

Did you know that there’s a route to Bali departing tomorrow? Go ahead and check out the StaffTraveler app to see your route and loads today!

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